(LSD Saint-Anne-de-Kent, LSD Wellington, Town of Bouctouche)

What we know to date:

New name "Grand-Bouctouche

- The LSDs of Saint-Anne-de-Kent and Wellington and the Town of Bouctouche will officially be amalgamated on January 1, 2023.  

- Municipal elections will be held on November 28, 2022 to elect a new City Council.  

- A local advisory committee has been formed to prepare for the transition. It is composed of Jean-Claude Babineau (Wellington), Achille Bastarache (Bouctouche), Jim Cormier (Sainte-Anne), Claude LeBlanc (Wellington), Linda Renaud (Sainte-Anne) and Aldéo Saulnier (Bouctouche). 

- The facilitator appointed by the Province of New Brunswick to support the Advisory Committee is Michel Desjardins.  

- The new community will include three (3) neighborhoods with their own identity.  

- There will be a mayor, two consultants elected.s per neighborhood (=6) and two consultants elected by the population as a whole.  

- The community "as a whole" could keep an existing name (e.g., Bouctouche or Greater Bouctouche) or could have a new name. The Advisory Committee will consult with community members on this matter. The name must be confirmed before May 15, 2022.  

- Residents will not have to change their mailing addresses. 


- Analyze financial issues, prepare a municipal budget and better understand the impact of amalgamation on residents' taxes.

- Make any other decisions that will facilitate the work of the new City Council.