TJIPOGTOTJG - Bouctouche Mi'kmaq First Nation

This Mi'kmaq Band has taken charge of its future. They are working to build a resource base that will secure the future for their children. Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, these men and women are counting on the bounty of Mother Earth for their survival, including fishing and forestry.

This community reflects the three cultures present in Kent County. Indeed, although it is a Mi'kmaq reserve, the many intercultural marriages mean that a good portion of the people also have Acadian, Irish or Scottish ancestors, among others, which allows their beautiful children to draw from a rich and diverse heritage.

A town founded over 200 years ago

The Town of Bouctouche was founded over 200 years ago on the hospitable shores of Bouctouche Bay. The municipality was incorporated as a village on November 9, 1966 and as a town on June 24, 1985.

Pointe à Jérôme, Pointe à Jacquot, Dixon's Point - the land that juts out between the many waterways was the first inhabited place in the region. The name given to it by the Mi'kmaq, Chebooktoosk or great little harbour, was a sign of its welcoming character.

François & Charlitte LeBlanc

François and Charlitte LeBlanc, who came as explorers in 1785, had been seduced by the abundance of food in the region and the navigability of the waters.

The Acadians

Four Acadian families settled there later that year, and new families continued to arrive from all over southeastern New Brunswick in the years that followed.

The town of Bouctouche is evolving

In the 19th century, immigrants arrived from Scotland and Ireland, among them the ancestors of the region's most famous son, K.C. Irving.

The town of Bouctouche today

How to get
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